A Sampling From Thank You Notes
  • "I hope you know how highly regarded you are in our community. Your compassion, menchlichkeit, sense of humor and courage take you to where other Orthodox Rabbis refuse to go. You are to be congratulated!"
  • " You have given me the greatest gift that I have ever received in my entire life. I wouldn’t have considered speaking at my aunt’s funeral without your encouragement. For that I am truly grateful."
  • "How can we ever thank you again and again….what a wonderful ceremony! We heard from many people that it was the best wedding they ever attended. Thank you for bringing beauty and your humor into the ceremony."
  • "Thank you for the beautiful and touching Baby Naming ceremony for our daughter. We will remember this day the rest of our lives because of your thoughtfulness, warmth and sense of humor."
  • "Thank you for your steadfast participation in our annual Holocaust Memorial programs. Your spiritual leadership and respectful posture always help to set the tone for the program. Your skill in front of an audience, and sensitivity with the speakers was spectacular."
  • " You are and were outstanding on Sunday evening. You have talents that had me tapping my feet. The love, respect and warmth in the ballroom were palpable. Your influence, your ecumenism and your menchlichkeit are a blessing to us in Baltimore."
  • "Your sermons are incredible! You have a quick wit, terrific sense of humor, outstanding delivery and offer deep, thought-provoking topics. I personally experienced very deep emotions during your sermons."
  • "You were simply a delight. Your quick wit and lighthearted approach in teaching Judaism kept everyone alert, thoughtful and animated. Thank you for sharing your beliefs and faith with us."
  • "You have been a wonderful colleague to all of us in the Baltimore community. I differ with you on Judaism and politics. Yet, I cannot think of anyone I know who is as gracious, fair, gentle, strong, passionate, committed and kind in tone, word and deed as you. You are a model for any Rabbi and an exemplary representative of the Jewish people."
  • "I was very impressed with your talk to the Bar Mitzvah. It was by far the best one I’ve ever heard, and I must have been to hundreds."
  • " You are a very special person. Warm, funny, interesting, great speaker. You are really doing exactly what you were meant to be doing in this life. You have a real gift for making Jews from all different branches feel right at home. You are the best!"
  • "You are the most generous and comforting person I know. I thank you for your energy, your capacity for giving, your wisdom and your humor. You have more than you could ever know for me. You are the essence of why Rabbis have been put on Earth."
  • "Your gentle manner and acute insights are a powerful combination. "
  • "Your voice, your presence, your aura, and your sermons all have the ability to soothe and calm the soul"
  • "We wanted to send you a note to let you know what an amazing service you performed for our wedding. Our guests are only talking about two things: the lamb chops and your service."
  • "Thank you for spending several hours with us by my father’s bedside. You provided my father with a source of comfort and raised my family’s spirirt. Thank you for delivering a wonderful eulogy. We view you as a major source of comfort to us every time we see you."
  • "I know that people say you’re great, you’re caring, you’re there when needed, you’re loving, you’re this or you’re that…well, those people are right. Hashem could not have designed a more perfect Rabbi."
  • "Thank you for your visit to our Adult Day Care. This was the largest and most enthusiastic audience ever seen here for a Rabbi!"
  • "We are amazed each time by your eloquence, great humor and sincere words of comfort. You are what every Rabbi aspires to and few even can compare. Your warmth, the ability to connect with each person during crisis or joy, is met by true depth and emotion. Thank you for being you!"
  • "The beautiful wedding ceremony you created for us to mark our 50th wedding anniversary was more meaningful to us than we could have ever imagined. So many of our friends have told us how deeply your words touched them."
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pictures of rabbi elan adler
I've been blessed, thank God, with a lot to offer, so take a look around and see if I fit your bill. Here is a short list of the services that I offer:

  • Officiating at life cycle events- wedding, renewal of marriage vows, milestone anniversary and celebration, funeral, unveiling (setting the stone at the cemetery)

  • Counseling individuals, couples and families for over 25 years.

  • Teaching classes/shiurim in schools, homes, or other requested venues

  • Scholar in Residence for congregations, organizations or schools


Media Personality . Speaker . Commentator . Humorist . Officiating Rabbi

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